Proven Process

Janitronics Building Services has developed an expert and extensive management network to fully satisfy you with our performance, without you having to devote complete involvement in the process. Our management network ensures there are constant checks on the quality of work, and that any problems or requests will be dealt with immediately. We are keenly aware that client satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone from executive management to each individual line worker.

Management Network

Project Managers

Due to the size and complexity of a particular project, a Project Manager may be assigned and dedicated to a single property. Your Project Manager has only your needs to focus on. The Project Manager will act as the liaison between you and your tenants or facility department to handle all problems or special requests and ensure that all scheduled maintenance tasks have been performed according to specifications. 

Area Managers

Area Managers have been developed and trained by us. They are motivated individuals who have been promoted to a higher level of responsibility. To provide a superior level of service, we limit the geographical area and the number of properties each Area Manager oversees. Your Area Manager will make regular visits during business hours to address any issues and schedule special requests. They will be in constant communication to ensure total satisfaction with our work.

District Managers

Like Area Managers, District Managers have come up through the ranks at Janitronics Building Services. These highly skilled individuals are responsible for three or four Area Managers. This allows them to focus the necessary attention on the properties and employees in their areas. Your District Manager will meet with you on a regular basis to monitor the quality of our performance and responsiveness of your Area Manager. They will review quality control reports and schedule periodic tasks with Area Managers to ensure all program requirements are fulfilled.

Executive Management

Like other members of our management network, our Executive Management team is constantly in communication with their customers. Many members of our executive team have been former Facilities or Property Managers. They have been in your position and they understand the challenges and concerns which you encounter on a daily basis. Our Executive Management team is directly involved with all tiers of our management network and visit properties on a regular basis because we realize their importance as part of our overall team effort.