Healthy Buildings

Janitronics is a socially conscious business that cares about people, community, and our planet. We take a science driven approach to our cleaning and disinfecting program to help ensure safe and healthy buildings for all our clients.


Our commitment to quality and service extend into ensuring the buildings we care for are truly caring for the health of their occupants. New best practices and certification processes can ensure your space is as health-inducing as possible. Janitronics can be a key partner helping to facilitate healthy spaces.

Janitronics is Healthy Buildings

“Healthy Buildings” is the term being used in the industry to capture key features of the way buildings impact the wellbeing of their occupants. Our work to maintain the cleanliness of your space, and our ongoing presence in your buildings, gives us the perfect position to support your intentions around health and the workplace.


Studies have shown that healthy building spaces improve productivity, reduce sick-time, enhance morale, support your brand, and help you connect with your community. This research has led to the development of the WELL Building Standard, and also the Fitwel Certification system.


The Harvard Chan School of Public Health has concluded that buildings have an essential role in employee health. Various aspects of the indoor environment impact the human body: air quality, thermal comfort, design for activity, and more. At Janitronics, we can help you attain and maintain health-supporting aspects of your buildings.


You can read more about healthy buildings here.

How We Make A Difference

Janitronics is committed to providing the best cleaning services, and our work will ensure your buildings are as healthy as possible. Some of the ways we do this include:


• Using Green Seal certified safe cleaning products
• Managing chemicals with safe dispensing and surplus reclamation systems
• Monitoring client space for health hazard issues
• Rapid response to critical public health concerns


Our staff are trained to do the right thing regarding material handling, cleaning practices, and reporting issues to building management. We have attained certifications and have capacity improvement processes that can support your goals. Our services can help you achieve WELL and Fitwel certifications, similar to our work to meet your goals for Energy Star and LEED.



If you are pursuing a healthy building initiative in your workplace, reach out to us. Janitronics can deliver the specific requirements to meet your needs, and delight your building occupants.


Now, more than ever, we are committed to ensuring you have what you need to maintain the trust of your building users. We have been tracking COVID (read about it here [link to the COVID-19 section]) and implementing best practices for health security. Our team has participated in industry-leading task forces and focus teams to ascertain the best path forward to safe re-occupancy and continued confidence from building users.