Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez
“Every day and every evening we just get the job done for all of our clients.  Nothing can delay or stop us – we always persevere even in the face of unplanned obstacles.”  Luis is a recognized janitorial and building services veteran – he’s been leading our largest teams to meet our clients’ needs longer than most in our industry.  Luis musters our staff whenever our clients present unplanned requirements – and he helps us honor our commitment of total satisfaction 100% of the time.
“One of our newest clients with a very large suburban office complex notified us on a Friday afternoon that we had been awarded their building services contract – and, could we begin the transition process ‘tomorrow, on Saturday!’  I said yes we can, knowing that my entire organization at Janitronics Building Services was standing by, ready to go. We prepare and equip ourselves with all the essential resources so we can always say ‘Yes, we can do that’ to our clients' requests.”
Luis is a key contributor to our success – he knows what we are capable of and how to deploy our staff and services for our clients in his area of our service region.  With over 20 years of expertise and with ever-growing responsibilities, he earned the trust of his teams and our clients.
“Our flexible labor pool of trained and experienced janitorial and building services teams allows me to get the job done for our clients – knowing full well that I have the best trained people on my team standing by to meet any need presented to us.  This is true during peak workloads, shifting priorities, and unanticipated logistics and weather events.  I’m ‘on’ 24-by-7 and my district teams are as well.”